隆普托 Luang Pu Thuad 2555 EOD

Phra Luang Pu Thuad 隆普托 Nur Thong Deang Rom Dum Piew Fai(fumigated copper with sparkling surface) Made 5,555 pcs Roon Patihan (miracles batch) EOD Army (Explosive Ordinance Disposal Army) Mass-chanted 2555 The Blessing ceremony being held at: 1) Wat Banrai - Enconcept Korat 2) Wat Mon Thai - LP Joy 3) Wat Nong Krab - LP Sakorn 4) Wat Lahan Yai - LP Sin 5) Wat Huay Ngok - PT Kaew 6) Wat Panulapap - PT Phom 7) Wat Kok Yeam - LP Ead (Phattalung) 8) Wat Phuttaisawan - Acharn Chod This batch of Phra Luang Pu Thuad was specially made for EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) unit. EOD personnel had to battle with death everyday due to the many bombings that happen almost daily in Southern Thailand and because Phra Luang Pu Thuad was believed to be one of the greatest amulets for protection, it's holy image was selected for this batch of amulets.