Biography - Phra Archan Nong (Wat Sai Khao)

Wat Sai Khao is located in Changwat Pattani Province, Thailand and is a Maha Nikai Buddhist Temple. Wat Sai Khao was situated along Sai Khao National Park and Sai Khao Waterfall of Khok Pho district, Pattani province. It’s the serenity of this natural forest location, where Buddhist monks practices their mind to self-induces a mode of consciousness by conveying indulgences to others, Meditation often involves invoking or cultivating a feeling or internal state, such as the beginning of mindfulness of sharing and to concentrate on a specific focal point. And as such, Sai Khao National Park and Sai Khao Waterfall has become a perfect location and preference for monks practicing their routine meditation. Wat Sai Khao was built in B.E. 2300 and the temple's old church was built in B.E.2478. There are two Nikai or sects of Buddhism in Thailand namely Maha Nikai and Hinayan Nikai, most of the temples in Thailand are Hinayan Nikai temples. According to the history of Wat Sai Khao, Mr.Peng or Than Pakdichumpol, who moved from Sraiburi (now part of Malaysia), donated the land and money to build the temple before inviting monks to take up residence.Wat Sai Khao was established as a juristic person in B.E.2432, and passed the Pook Pattasima ceremony in B.E.2435. (The ceremony was aimed to define the temple area.) Because of the vast area of the temple, part was used to locate a primary school which has now been in existence since B.E.2460. Since the construction of Wat Sai Khao, six abbots have taken up residence, the first one was Long Phor Man, and the latest one is Long Phor Peng Pamuto B.E 2543, and a direct descendant of Archan Nong Dharma Bhuto. Wat Sai Khao has been continuously developed with many of the buildings renovated such as Pra Vihara, library, belfry, monks' residences etc. Today it is considered one of the most beautiful temples in the kingdom. Archan Nong Dharma Bhuto, or Prakru Dharma Kitkosol, was one of two famous monks who were responsible for creating the now famous Long Phor Thuad, Wat Chang Hai amulets in B.E.2478. His co-worker at that time was Phra Ajahn Tim Dharma Taro. Archan Nong Dharma Bhuto, formerly named Mr.Nong Northong, was born the son of Mr. Rueng and Mrs. Thonpeng, on December 15, B.E.2462, at Tumbol Bankluay, Ma-krood District, Pattani Province. More recently the district's name has changed to Kokbhoti District. His parents had three children namely; Mrs.Thongchan, Archan Nong Dharma Bhuto and Mr.Nuam. His parents divorced and remarried, and subsequently had a further three daughters, Mrs.Woon (his stepmothers daughter), Mrs. Nuem Kaewthongprakum and Mrs Nium Siriphorn (his stepfathers daughter). Archan Nong Dharma Bhuto, was ordained as a novice at the age of 19 and as a monk aged 21 on June 27th, B.E. 2482, at Wat Napradoo. Phra Ajahn Tim Dharma Taro, his co-worker, was also ordained on the same day. His preceptor was Prakru Wibul Samanawatra of Wat Mujjarintawapiwihara, who gave him his new Pali-language name as Dharma Bhuto. B.E.2488 Archan Nong Dharma Bhuto passed the examination for Nak Dharma Chan Aek, or first class Dharma expert. B.E.2508 Appointed Vice Abbot of Wat Chang Hai. B.E.2511 Appointed Abbot of Wat Sai Khao, and the monk group leader of Tumbol Kokbhoti,Or Kokbhoti sub-district B.E.2514 Appointed by the supreme patriarch as Prakru Dharma Kitkosol, as 3rd class Dharma Teacher. B.E.2524 Appointed by the supreme patriarch as Prakru Dharma Kitkosol, as 2nd class Dharma Teacher. B.E.2537 Appointed by the supreme patriarch as Prakru Dharma Kitkosol, as 1st class Dharma Teacher. As previously mentioned he and Pra Ajahn Tim, were ordained on the same day, and naturally were good friends often helping each other on various missions, including an occasion in B.E.2497 when they both co-created the Long Phor Thuad Pranuewan amulets. these amulets are now very rare and expensive, well beyond the budget of the average collector. Fortunately there are however many amulets that do fall within the range of the enthusiast and in the next article on Archan Nong we will be looking at the various amulets he created. Archan Phor Nong Dharma Bhuto was known as a merciful priest. He often helped the poor, both ordinaries and monks, to be educated. Furthermore, he also helped renovate many buildings, including temples' and public buildings. He also devoted his entire life to all of Buddhist affairs, regardless of troubles or hardship. Due to his dedication to Buddhism and hard work, Archan Nong Dharma Bhuto was plagued with many diseases, including high blood pressure and lung disease. Although he was treated at hospital his conditioned continually worsened. Eventually, Archan Nong Dharma Bhuto passed away at 03.27 a.m., on September 11th, B.E.2542, at Kokbhoti hospital. He was aged 80 years of which 60 were devoted to Buddhism. His cremation took place at 03.59 p.m., on the 20th May May B.E.2545, at Wat Sai Khao. Though, his body was burnt, his name will be respected eternally not only by the locals of Patani but by all of Thailand and many international devotees. His virtues, along with Phra Acharn Tim's, will be always admired, due to their great devotion to Buddhism and the general public. Not only were they some of Thailand's greatest guru monks but the creators of the legendry Long Phor Thuad amulet.


Phra Pidta Kibua, Luang Phor Khron @ Tok Raja

Phra Pidta Kibua, Luang Phor Khron @ Tok Raja, Wat Bang Sek (Kelantan, Malaysia), 2480 - 2490 B.E, No.1 Pidta in Malaysia, Original & beautiful condition. Phra Pidta Lang Kibua Nur Phong Khlook Rak created by LuangPhor Kron, one of the Phim Phra Pidta amulet created by LuangPhor Kron in a small size mould. LuangPhor Kron had refined the material, inscribed the Yant and mould the amulets himself. It is an amulets which wearers have experience lot of miracles. This piece shown here is very well maintain in a very original unworn beautiful condition. #tokraja #lpkron #watuttamaranbangsek


what is wan sabulert/Sa-buu-leuat and good in ?

Wan sabulert /Sa-buu-leuat / Stephania venosa is a sacred herb believed to have a magic power of "Kongkraphan" , an invulnerability to all kinds of weapon attack includes gunshot. The triad (underground society) gang members would mix red liquid of Wan Sa-buu-leuat in their tattoo ink for their esteem "Kongkraphan" ability. WHAT IS ITS POWER? 1) It could make you have a highly activated sixth sense. 2) Maha Larp, it brings lucky wealth. 3) Maha Sanay, it brings magic charms 4) Metta Maha Niyom, it helps you gain loving, kindness and compassion from people all around you. 5) Klaw Klad, Pold Pai, it pushes you away from all danger. 6) Warning of danger One of the rarest and limited Pidta phims created by Tok Raja Lp Kron. This phim is hardly seen in the market due to low quantity made and most importantly, the yant, material and condition of this piece is easily distinguish for its authenticity. Phra Pidta amulets created by Tok Raja Lp Kron are very known to possess excellent protective power to its wearer. As a result, most veteran collectors in Malaysia, Singapore and even Thailand would wish to have one in their collections. Question is how often can you encounter a real and beautiful piece?



避险法咒,早上出门之前念一遍,可抵挡意外伤害(佩戴掩面佛牌念此咒功效最佳) Luk Pa Put Toh,Hou Hit(然后吞一口口水) 路可 帕 普 托,吼 嘿 人缘法咒,早上出门之前念一遍,可招人喜欢(泰国很多做销售行业的人都会这一句法咒,佩戴坤平佛牌念此咒功效最佳) Pa Arhang,Suk Ka Doh,Pa Ka Wah,Nak May Da Jik 帕 阿航,苏 卡 多,帕 卡 瓦,那 买 达 基 避险法咒,也可称为人缘法咒,可让身边对你有威胁的人反过来帮你(佩戴师傅自身佛牌念此咒功效最佳) Tuk Sak Nak Soh(一直念) 图 萨 那 搜 止血法咒 Wa Lo,Wa Lan,Yak Wak Lat Toh,Wa La, Hak Lo(然后吹一口气到受伤的地方) 瓦洛,瓦览,亚瓦拉托,瓦拉,哈洛



掩面佛/必达佛-很多人说是最强的佛牌,因为掩面佛/必达佛的集中力很强。 但到底哪位师傅的掩面佛/必达佛最好?最强? 最好/最强,我就不敢说,个人认为泰国最出名,最贵,在泰国是LP Kaew Wat Kruwan,在马来西亚是马来西亞僧王Tok Raja @ LP Kron Wat Bangsek. 目前不少有名,有辈分,有职位的人的梦想佛牌。 这两位师傅的掩面佛/必达佛也可说是最早期的,目前是几十万到百万万泰币。以下图是马来西亚Tok Raja @ LP Kron Wat Bangsek的掩面佛/必达佛


相信很多佩戴了佛牌的朋友都有种感觉,开始好像有点功效,但后来慢慢就没有了,继而就干脆不戴了。有些朋友却越戴越好,事业,家庭 ,感情,人缘,财运样样都顺,为什么会出现这种现象呢? 本人总结了几点与大家分享一下,希望各位佛牌爱好者能仔细自省互相分享。 第一:临急抱佛脚型,这类型的朋友本来就没有宗教信仰,可能这段时间运气真的很差,见到朋友佩戴佛牌挺好的,自己也试试吧。因为没有坚定的宗教信仰基础,佩戴后就算运气有所改善,也觉得可能是巧合,不一定就是佛牌帮助了我,更别说去做善事了。这类朋友我可以说佛牌对其是无效的。 第二:半信半疑型,这类型的朋友和第一类的朋友很接近,但会相对好一些,觉得佛牌对其的帮助像有像无,许愿还愿时,供品香烛样样不少,向神佛说怎么怎么还,求得后却诸多借口不去还愿,求不到时就觉得神佛或者根本不存在,以后没什么事就不拜了。信仰不是交易,求得到心愿随便拿些供品就算还愿了,以后谁也不欠谁,换你是神佛会保佑这样的人吗? 第三:佛口蛇心型,整天会烧香拜佛,满口慈悲为怀,满口仁义,实际上却心胸狭窄,成天只会在别人身上得到好处,算计别人,从不懂付出和感恩,日久见人心,神佛又怎能保佑这种人,就再好的佛牌都不能蒙蔽人的眼睛,这种人自身的福报很快就会用完,最后的结果可想而知。 第四:怪力乱神型,妄称自有神通,能与鬼神沟通,为人求神问卜,祈福许愿。借神佛名义骗取钱财,所说之事都夸张失实,这类型骗子所说的话都经不起推敲,前言难对后语,经常自打嘴巴,神佛亦会离弃,所作所以有损福德,佛牌实难庇佑。 诸如十恶不赦的人佛牌只能保其一时的就不一一列举了,其实南传佛教很简单,很多师傅制作佛牌的目的是希望通过自身修为福报与有缘的人分享,有需要的人得到帮助后,善信通过佩戴佛牌可以时常警惕自己改正漏习,多做善事,可以帮助更多有需要的有情众生,将佛法和善缘更好的播种出去。 最后看完本文的朋友,本人希望大家无论是否有宗教信仰,信奉何教都要多做善事,莫以善小而不为,莫以恶小而为之。人生的福报就像一杯水,不要等水干了才懂得往里加水。懂得舍,才会得.


为什么我们总是能听到谁谁谁请了佛牌怎么灵了,谁谁谁请了佛牌发生了翻天覆地的变化,谁谁谁请了佛牌发大财了。然后自己就会糊涂、就会问:为什么有些人请了佛牌就灵?为什么有些人请了佛牌就不灵呢?与此同时,我们还能听到有一些朋友们的疑问,那就是:是不是泰国佛牌的价格越高就越灵验?是不是泰国佛牌年份越久就越灵验?是不是泰国佛牌用料越足、越古怪就越灵验?是不是越出名的大师加持的佛牌就越灵验?还有、还有……等等这类问题。其实,要知道,好的佛牌和一般的佛牌的区别就是好的佛牌可以调整你的正能量、带来好的气场和磁场,由此转化你周围的能量,为你带来好的运势,他也能够和你自己之前为善积德的功德福报更好的融合,然后给你带来好运,佛牌的灵不灵跟佩戴者有非常密切的关系。其实不论你带什么样的佛牌、哪个师傅的佛牌,都应该去多做善事、心存善念。 其实脖子上佩戴了佛牌也正是监督和提醒你该做什么?不该做什么的。有人对于佛牌打了一个比喻,好的佛牌就像枪,如果你的枪法不好,再好的枪拿给你也不行。反之,枪法好的人,拿到一把普通的枪,威力也很惊人。所以说,佩戴泰国佛牌最灵验的人,一定是“枪法”好的人。那么什么样的人“枪法”好呢?其实很简单,就是福报。这福报怎么来的,如同枪法是自己练出来的,福报也是自己通过一件件心存善念、行善事的点滴而培养出来的,你要是没有福报,无论什么财神都没办法给你赐财、福星也没办法给你赐福。要记住,有求必应的前提是,你本身有福报,这样佛牌才能让你的福报慢慢成熟。所以说,如果你请了一枚好的佛牌但是感觉却不灵验,那么有可能是自己福报太少。 有些人说那怎么办呢?其实你这一世修的福报,这一世就可以享用。如何修福报?由福报的本质可知,做对别人有利益的善事,包括布施、供佛、行善等,可得福报,也就是可在自己与他人的内心种下善的种子,尤其供养诸佛菩萨与护法,所得福报也会更大。而持戒、忍辱、精进、禅定、念经、起善念等行为,可得的福报,也就是可在自心种善种子。另外有一方法亦可用,那就是由‘空’中(或近似以清净心)起善念亦可快速增加善种子,对福报的增进亦大有助益。总之,常存善心、动善念、行善事、供养诸佛菩萨等,常做这些事则善种子与善名色自然会增加,这就是修得福报。懂得福报道理的朋友,在求财求事顺利之后,都会努力的多做善事,多积福报,这样福报多了钱财就越多,钱财越多就有能力做更多的善事,形成良性循环,那就真正可以说是有求必应了。我时常打比喻,一个人一直不向银行存款,而每天都在取款花销,总有一天钱会花光,你就会挨饿。而懂得生活的人,就会一边花钱一边向银行存款,存的总比花的多,这样他一直是个有钱人。 这里的钱就指的是福报。这就是告诉我们,我们都行善、多积德,我们的生活就会一直的顺利、一直的好。这也是聪明人的选择。我们供养古曼童,也是在积德,因为我们收留了灵界的孤儿,你给了他一个温暖的家,而他与你共修,也会监督和提示你多行善事。这是我们提倡养古曼的原因之一。有些人问:我现在戴佛牌会不会透支我以后的运势?想一下我前面所讲的就知道了,运势、福报其实是掌握在自己的手中,没有人可以把你的运势和福报拿走,能消耗他们的就只有你自己。所以,希望我们每个人都是一个聪明的人,不要想着天上掉馅饼,自己能够多行善、多积累福报。